Tantric AQUA MASSAGE London


Water is often associated with sensuality and cleansing. Incorporating water into intimate experiences can add an extra layer of sensuality and connection. Our Tantric Aqua Massage London experience is a bathing ritual with the masseuse prior to your massage session. It is a great intimacy builder and it also enhances relaxation.


Key aspects of Tantric Aqua Massage in London:

Preparation: Before the Tantric Aqua Massage begins, the therapist will create a warm and comfortable environment, ensuring the water temperature is suitable for the client. The massage area is often private and serene, promoting relaxation and tranquillity.

Seduction: The therapist will apply a variety of sensual massage techniques to promote relaxation and create deeper connection. These techniques may include Sensual Massage strokes, gentle stretches, and erotic seduction. The water’s buoyancy relieves pressure on the joints and spine, and the warmth can help to ease muscle tension and promote circulation.

Heightened connection: Like any form of Tantra Massage, the focus would be on mindful presence and connection. We aim to promote a deeper mind-body connection as clients surrender to the relaxing properties of water and the therapist’s nurturing touch. This can deepen the experience and create a more profound sense of intimacy.

Relaxing ambience: Tantric Aqua Massage also incorporates sensory elements to enhance the experience. Soothing music, aromatherapy, and gentle water movements may be included to create a more immersive and calming ambiance.


Communication and consent are essential for Tantric Aqua Massage to ensure that both the giver and receiver are comfortable with the level of intimacy involved. Establishing boundaries, discussing preferences, and maintaining open communication throughout the massage session are crucial to creating a safe and enjoyable experience.

Please take a look at our massage page for more options which you can combine with Tantric Aqua Massage for further therapeutic benefits, some of those include: Four Hand MassageProstate Massage, Body-to Body and Feet Massage.


*Please note that if you are combining any of the extra services, it may require you to book a longer session, a minimum of 90 min is recommended. For further information about the extra pricing and personal tailoring of these services speak to our reception team. Some of these services will only be possible in combination with the sensual and erotic massage services.