Our erotic Foot Fetish services in London is the ultimate treat for feet lovers. The therapist use their feet instead of their hands to apply pressure and perform the massage techniques. This experience is both arousing and incredibly rejuvenating as the pressure on the body is enhanced.


Key aspects of our Foot Fetish services within London:

Preparation: The person receiving the Feet Massage lies face down,  similar to a sensual massage session. The massage therapist will then apply oil to their feet to reduce friction and allow smooth, irrestisible movements. The therapist can adjust the amount of pressure by shifting their weight and using various parts of their feet.

Varied techniques: The therapist may use kneading, compression, gliding, and stretching techniques to address specific areas of tension and promote relaxation. This can feel incredibly arousing and pleasurable.

 Deep tissue: Our Foot Fetish services is often praised for its ability to provide deep pressure, while still feeling relaxation and arousal. The massage can be particularly beneficial for those who enjoy both worlds of feet and a strong massage.



Communication and consent are essential for Feet Massage to ensure that both the giver and receiver are comfortable with the level of intimacy involved. Establishing boundaries, discussing preferences, and maintaining open communication throughout the massage session are crucial to creating a safe and enjoyable experience.

Please take a look at our massage page for more options which you can combine with Feet Massage for further therapeutic benefits, some of those include: Four Hand MassageJapanese Nuru, Aqua Bath and Body-to-Body.


*Please note that if you are combining any of the extra services, it may require you to book a longer session, a minimum of 90 min is recommended. For further information about the extra pricing and personal tailoring of these services speak to our reception team. Some of these services will only be possible in combination with the sensual and erotic massage services.