Rules Of Engagement

  1. Be on time! Punctuality is very important. Being a professional such as yourself you must understand and appreciate the importance of this rule.
  2. If you choose not to attend your booking an hour before it commences the fee of £50 will be applied to your next booking. This can be overlooked in some instances if the no show is genuine or the client is a regular client who has no previous record of no shows.
  3. For my new clients the first booking can be scary and overwhelming. Everyone goes through this, please show up regardless of how nerve racking this might feel for you. Show up for yourself and change the routine of your everyday life. Embrace the fear, lean into it and let it take you somewhere new.
  4. Upon the arrival you will be greeted by a therapist in one of her salons. You will be seated for a consultation where you’ll both meet, discuss the session, rules and boundaries.
  5. You will be instructed to take shower.The Shower ceremony is the vital ingredient to your session . It is more than just a shower, it is a preparation, a purification and letting go mentally and energetically of your day, where you are giving yourself full permission to relax and enter a new zone. If this is something you consider NOT doing a masseuse has the right to NOT go ahead with the treatment. It also allows oils to be absorbed quicker.
  6. We use high grade quality almond and coconut oils, if you have nut allergy, let the reception team know, so that the masseuse can have grapeseed oil ready for you. They are all odorless. We also use essential oils for aromatherapy healing sessions, if that might cause you difficulty in any way, let the therapist know.
  7. When the massage commences remain still and allow the therapist to lead the session. You are here to relax, receive and enjoy. The therapy treatment is for you. You work hard, you deserve to be pampered, taken care of and utterly indulged.
  8. No octopus hands! If you are too excited, try to remain calm, breathe deeper and tune into your sensations. No need to act on every impulse you receive, they are all mostly just passing sensations, train your mind to remain still. This is one of the reasons why you are with us is to learn to regulate your nervous system and calm the pattern of your reactivity. If you are too aroused and overwhelmed, let the therapist know to slow down the session.
  9. Be mindful and respectful of our team. Especially with therapists. We take our profession seriously, if you are rude and disrespectful in any way we will not have you booking with us again.
  10. And this should go without saying but I will add anyway. Please do not harass our therapists for any oral or penetrative sex services. This is not what we are about. We are not an escort agency.
  11. You can pay by card or cash.
  12. Enjoy yourself. You deserve all the joy in the world.

Love Cath X