Four Hand Massage is where two therapists work together to deliver a seamless and harmonious massage, resulting in a profoundly stimulating and arousing experience with enhanced benefits.

The benefits of receiving a Four Hand Massage

There are many reasons to choose this type of massage for your next session. Below are the main Four Hand massage benefits you will most likely experience:

Twice as relaxing: Typically, your mind naturally syncs with your therapist’s actions on each body part. Yet, with two therapists, focusing and tracking their movements becomes challenging, leading you to abandon the attempt. You surrender to the experience, allowing yourself to drift away and immerse in a cocoon of sensations, deepening relaxation.

Twice as delightful: With Four Hands caressing and gliding across your body, adjusting pace and pressure, it’s undeniably the epitome of sensational and gratifying massages. Combine it with any of our other services like Body-to-Body Massage, Tantra Massage, or even Aqua Massage, and you’ll find yourself enveloped in pure ecstasy!

Twice as healing: Four Hand massages excel at enhancing circulation, relieving muscle tension, promoting better sleep, and alleviating anxiety and work-related stress. They bolster your immune system and contribute to overall emotional well-being, leading to enhanced family and work life.

The type of Four Hand Massage we provide

We provide outcall services for Four Hand massage within central London (Zones 1 & 2). Check our locations for our incall services. Our skilled therapists are ready to dive in and give you the best experience you can have with Four Hand massage.

At Tantra Affairs London, there will be a consistent theme in what our masseuses offer during your session: an intoxicating and pleasurable experience. Your arousal will receive twice the boost compared to the usual one-to-one experience.

If you would like to formulate your own Four Hand massage experience or have any questions about how we can provide the best experience for you, please don’t hesitate to contact us or give us a call. 


Much Love,                                                                                                   

Catherine Swan   

CEO of Tantra Affairs London