At Tantra Affairs London we pride in having some of the best Japanese Nuru Massage specialists in town. Our clients love to be completely immersed in this ancient art of pleasure and deep relaxation. The art of Japanese Nuru is exotic, and due to its mysterious origins it has always created a strong appeal and intrigue.

In this blog we are going to delve deeper into its origins and hopefully unravel a few more mysteries about this ancient and exotic art form.

Japanese Nuru and its origins

Japanese Nuru originated in Japan in the 1970s. It was initially developed in the soap lands of Yoshiwara, Tokyo, where adult entertainment services were offered. The soaplands were a kind of bathhouse and massage parlour hybrid, which provided erotic and sensual massage services in addition to basic bathing and massage. The technique mainly uses full body-to-body contact, where the masseuse slides against the client’s body covered in Nuru gel.


Nuru gel

It is made from the Nori seaweed, which is commonly used in Japanese cuisine to wrap sushi. The gel is clear, tasteless, and extremely slippery, providing a unique, sensual experience during the massage.

To use Nuru gel, it is typically heated before application to achieve a comfortable temperature. The slippery nature of the gel allows for smooth body-to-body contact between the massage provider and recipient, creating a tantalising and intimate experience. It’s important to note that while Japanese Nuru Massage has its origins in adult entertainment, it has evolved and is practised with various levels of sensuality in different settings.


The benefits of Japanese Nuru massage

Japanese Nuru Massage is often associated with physical, mental and emotional benefits. Keep in mind that individual experiences may vary, and these benefits are not universally guaranteed:

Relaxation: Like other forms of massage, Japanese Nuru can promote relaxation and reduce stress. The tactile sensations and body contact contribute to a sense of overall well-being.

Improves circulation: The massage techniques used in Japanese Nuru help enhance blood circulation, which can have positive effects on muscle tension and overall cardiovascular health.

Skin hydration: The Nuru gel contains moisturising properties, leaving the skin feeling soft and hydrated.

Enhances sexual drive and well being: For some individuals, Japanese Nuru Massage can be a way to explore and enhance sensuality within a consensual and intimate setting. It is highly erotic, which can help recipients increase their confidence and vitality.


Why is Japanese Nuru massage popular?

The popularity of Japanese Nuru can be attributed to several factors, though it’s essential to recognise that preferences and cultural acceptance vary. Here are some reasons behind its popularity:

Unique technique: The use of Nuru gel provides a distinct slippery texture that sets Japanese Nuru apart from other types of sensual massages.

Globalisation and information access: As information became more accessible, Nuru gained attention beyond its Japanese origins. Travel, media and the internet played a role in disseminating information and generating interest.

Adult entertainment industry influence: Japanese Nuru Massage gained visibility through its association with the adult entertainment industry. It was featured in adult films, contributing to its recognition and popularity.

Cultural acceptance: In some cultures, there is a growing openness to exploring and embracing diverse forms of sensuality and intimate experiences. Japanese Nuru, when approached consensually and professionally, aligns with these changing attitudes.

Wellness and relaxation: Beyond its sensual aspects, Japanese Nuru is often promoted for its relaxation and wellness benefits.


Why should I consider trying Japanese Nuru massage?

Whether to try Japanese Nuru or not is a very personal choice to make. These are some of the points to take into consideration:

Sensual experience: It is known for stimulating a highly sensual and intimate experience. If you’re looking to explore new sensations and enhance your sensuality, it might be an option to consider.

Stress reduction: Like other forms of massage, Japanese Nuru Massage has the potential to promote relaxation and reduce stress.

Exploration of intimacy: For some, it can be a way to explore intimacy within a consensual and professional setting. It offers a unique approach to connecting with a partner or a professional practitioner. If you’re interested in diversifying your experiences and trying something new, Japanese Nuru Massage could be the right treat!


Japanese Nuru Massage is an enticing and unparalleled experience, rich in its history and culture. We have many clients re-discovering this wonderful massage and enquiring daily. If you want to know more about our Nuru service, please feel free to contact us.

It’s important to approach Japanese Nuru Massage with an understanding of personal boundaries and preferences. Communication between the massage provider and recipient is crucial to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience. Always seek the services of trained and reputable practitioners if you choose to explore this type of massage.

 Much Love,

Catherine Swan

CEO of Tantra Affairs London