Do you have unexplored fantasies that are waiting to burst into life? Are there parts of you that have been left suppressed and abandoned? Or do you feel enticed to explore the devilish kink and intoxicating experience in the arts of Dark Tantra?

Dark Tantra massage in London

We provide outcall services for Dark Tantra massage within central London (Zones 1 & 2). Check our locations for our Incall services. Our skilled therapists are ready to dive in and explore your shadow through the works of Dark Tantra.

What is Dark Tantra Massage?

Dark Tantra massage brings about increased sensory perception, spiritual alignment, and profound relaxation. Combining age-old tantra principles with contemporary methods, this distinctive blend seeks to foster deep healing, personal development, and a heightened experience of wellness and sensuality. Dark Tantra massage fuses ancient, spiritual practice of Tantra Massage with BDSM, creating a combination that is forbidden yet liberating. 

It ignites the fire within your shadow self, the self that feels shame, guilt, humiliation, and allows you to embrace your shadow in a transformative and healing way. It invokes your repressed desires and fetishes, releasing and awakening your sexual energy.

The type of Dark Tantra Massage we provide

At Tantra Affairs London, we provide a gentle yet playful type of Dark Tantra massage that caters to your needs and desires. We can integrate elements of BDSM within Tantra Massage, in a tantalising and kinky tie-and-tease play. Blind-folds, hand-cuffs, feather strokes, role play and unpredictable touches are all key elements in inducing blood-rushing and exhilarating experiences. We can integrate Dark Tantra massage with any of the other massage services we provide.

Who would benefit from Dark Tantra?

The art of Dark Tantra is perfect for any curious mind who is interested in delving deep into their deepest fantasies and fetishes in a fun and devilish way. Our beautiful therapists will cater to your needs in a safe and nurturing environment, void from judgment and social constraints. This type of massage is perfect for anyone new or experienced within this field.

If you would like to formulate your own Dark Tantra massage experience or have any questions about how we can provide the best experience for you, please don’t hesitate to contact us or give us a call. 


 Much Love,                                                                                                   

Catherine Swan   

CEO of Tantra Affairs London